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Are you light skinned and have a dark skinned friend?

Asked by glitterrrrfish (222points) August 25th, 2008 from iPhone

Do any of you white, Latino, Asian, Indian people have an African American best friend? Someone that you completley trust ? Does your color create any differences?

Just curious to see how many people do because I’m Indian and I have a black bestfriend.

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I’ve got friends from a number of different countries. Does that count? Or are we only talking appearances?

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I just want to know how or if your race or skin color ever caused misunderstandings or diffrences between you and your friend

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I used to share a flat with a friend who’s family is from Indonesia and I was always dead jealous of her thick black hair and how easily she tanned!

I suppose in return, it was easier for me to change hair color…

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The color of our skin doesn’t affect my relationship with my friend. I believe that where you grow up would affect how your relationship is with someone more than their skin color. We both grew up in the same area, and have much in common, so there really are no differences or misunderstandings.

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So true eambos! I find I have a lot more misunderstandings due to nationality, culture and language (particularly French for some reason) than any appearance matters.

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I have two friends who are Italian and Pakistani and both their parents own restaurants, great food!

Yeah, I have african american friends too.

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I am white from AngloScottish ancestors. One of my three best friends is a fair-skinned
Mejicana. We’ve had to battle our way through the identity politics of these conditions but
it’s tied us very closely together. We don’t look racially alike but our skin color isn’t the deal with it.

I share a grandchild with a Xhosa woman from South Africa. We can’t get enough of each other. We call each other “Grandma”, spend a lot of time kissing and hugging and laughing directly into one another’s faces and singing in harmony. We don’t see each other often enough. We haven’t needed to “learn how”. We jumped that gate at the very start.

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My boyfriend of almost a year is an Indian. His parents have serious issues with the fact that I’m a fair skinned southern belle, but he’s defying that and having a relationship with me regardless. My roomate is Indian as well, and my 2 suitemates are black girls.

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Yes, yes, and no.


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I have a ‘dark skinned’ friend who’s awesome, he’s a right laugh. Good guy though :)

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I have black friends, yes.

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I am a very fair-skinned Caucasian, and I have friends of different ethnicities. I’ve also dated men of different ethnicities. There may be cultural differences in each person’s background, but that adds another dimension to the freindship/relationship in terms of the new things you can learn from one another.

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ethnicities don’t affect my friendships at all, of course there’s different backgrounds and stuff, but that doesn’t do much with misunderstandings.

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I’m African-American and I actually get along with white people more than I do blacks. In recent years, since I’m attending a hbc (historically black college), I have been getting along better and embracing black culture a little more.

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Thank you, nayeight. I was just about to ask how, as the asker phrases it, “dark” skinned people have their relationships affected by skin color with “light” skinned people.

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@eambos I put “dark skinned” because I didn’t want to single out African Americans.

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Also i’d like to point out that if you have dark skinned friends like Indian or Pakistani like me, it’s also a great way to find out about their religion and food. As I mentioned before, I’ve never tried Pakistani food until my best friend asked me to try it. AMAZING!

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My friend Jonathan, he is living in Spain now (he is originally from France, does that makes him african-french?) whatever, he is amazing, even though we are not in touch that often, he is one of the best persons I’ve ever met in my life…

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