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Why do we close the eyelids of the deceased?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24592points) May 15th, 2019

Just wondering. Would you want it done for yourself?
Is it just a film technique? So the actor doesn’t get caught blinking?

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It’s a real thing. I think it would be weird if you went up to see the dearly departed in his coffin and his eyes were open. Some customs used to put pennies on the dead persons eyes to keep them closed.

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When someone dies everything in their body changes. Their eyeballs will cloud up and often start to recede. You really don’t want to see that. The funeral technicians put eye caps under the lids to make them look normal.

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@anniereborn Wow! You taught me something cool today. Eye caps.

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So they can rest.

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Because the older the corpse gets, the funkier the eyes look. And it’s one of the first places flies will lay eggs.

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I once saw my very drunk friend sleeping with his eyes open. It freaked me out. Eyes open is a sign of life and alertness. It’s disturbing to see a dead body with open eyes. It makes sense to close them.

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It is to prevent the corpse from winking at you when no one else is looking.

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