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A calculator to determine value of old Microsoft stock?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) August 25th, 2008

I’m posting this question for a friend. “I need to find a stock calculator that would tell me the current value of an investment in Microsoft stock made in 1978, purchase price $1,000.00.” Can anyone help him with this? I guess he means, how much would $1,000 of Microsoft stock purchased in 1978 be worth today. Ballpark.

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The stock has gained 27k%, now go calculate.

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He could probably buy a ballpark.

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Smokin’ 0_o.

I’ve just been reading a wonderful book on Google, wow did they reach amazing levels quickly (I know it didn’t go public until about 4 years ago), but anyone who got hold of their stock early would have a lot of money to burn, so to speak.

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IPO was in March 1989 for $21/share. After lots of spilts, would be worth today $0.0729.
Without splits, each share today would be worth $7966.08. So, $393,333?

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@Magnus; link doesn’t open.

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