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Depends on the celebrity. I may care about what Bill Maher has to say, but the opinions of Britney Spears and The Jonas Brothers matter to me less than my dog’s opinion. He’s a black lab who needs regular health care, so his choice is pretty obvious….

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Not even a tiny bit. If, as Trumi pointed out, it’s someone who’s mind I can respect, I would give that a little more weight, but ultimitaley we need to do our own research and decide for ourselves.

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Generally no, but I do find it amusing when they go all out for a “worthy cause” that really isn’t all that great (ex. PETA)

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Nope, not no way, not no how. I can make up my own mind for myself, I don’t need these smegheads well some of them are anyway to tell me which way to go. As a rule, they don’t usually have anymore idea about it than the rest of us, it is definitely a case of the blind leading the blind well with me it is anyway. ;)

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Absolutely not. Why should I? They aren’t superhumans and I definitely think that some of them only “support” a candidate because it will look good.

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I think people underestimate the subliminal effect it has.

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Well, it is amusing watching candidates do damage control to distance themselves from endorsements by those celebrities they deem “unsavory.”

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I have to ask, people; how are you defining celebrity? If we are talking about people who are famous for having good opinions and being intelligent, that is completely different than being famous for having a dad this is a pro wrestler.

I mean, according to the McCain campaign Obama is a celebrity. I sort of care what he thinks….

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No person’s opinion about a candidate, is more important than yours or mine, or that of any other person.

August 26, 2008, 3:30 AM EDT

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I like knowing, but it’s not important to me. It doesn’t affect what I think of the candidates.

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Not only do I not care who (whom?) they endorse as a political candidate, I also don’t care what they endorse. I don’t care where Wilford Brimley gets his insulin or where Valerie Bertinelli lost weight.

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I’d like to know where to get Valerie Bertinelli!

August 26, 2008, 12:57 PM EDT

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~ I do! I wanna vote for whoever Britney likes!~

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No. They are famous, but not usually for their insight, analytic skills, and brilliance so no.

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No I usually vote the opposite of who they endorse. They usually can’t even manage their own life.

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I’m sometimes curious about the organizations and causes celebrities support, but I don’t take political/social advise from them

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I don’t take the opinion from persons who are getting married as the seasons change with much weight, if any at all.

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Not at all. They are usually not very bright anyway.

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We should listen to these people because they represent what’s right and just in the world. They know solid values and how to live a good and moral life. They know what’s wrong with the country because they live in the middle class world. These people have our best interest at heart as long as they make money. Just as “The Duke” won WW11, they will direct and guide us through these times.

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Huh? You’ve lost me there NVOldGuy, I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

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He’s saying sarcastically that Hollywood knows what’s going on, and that we should listen and vote the way they tell us, since they’re one of us.

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Oh duh, how could I have missed that? lol it must have been a blonde moment!!!

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No most of them do not have the intelligence to tell the Middle Class people what to do. They are completely out of touch with what most of us deal with .When people become wealthy they quickly forget how the rest of us live. I have people like that in my family .
I would enjoy telling them to shut up to their faces and I would. Anyone who listens to them is a naive fool. They have their own careers and interest on their mind not ours. They do this because they are very egoistical. If they were really altruistic they would give money to less fortunate people. They give time and ask us for money. I say ha ha ha.
My wealthy Brother In Law complains to my Husband constantly about nonsense. He says, if I had this much I’d give you. I have a better chance winning Lotto. Talk is cheap.

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