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What the most amount of Activity you've gottin on a visit (that over there >>>>>>)

Asked by simone54 (7608points) August 25th, 2008

I’m you sure you guys probably beat me. The most I had was 12.

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@simone54, this is Chief Wiggum. Put down the internet and slowly back away.

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I don’t really pay much attention anymore. Some points add on some don’t. I just enjoy the site for the people and the discussions now. So that’s lurve our of the way.

As for Questions for You. I actually rather just reading through the questions myself, and activity for you, it seldom gets any higher than 6 because I check in all the time to see what people have said.

Activity for You is the most useful, and obviously comments.

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I left for one hour and had 84 total. johnpowell has a screenshot of when he had a few thousand!

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I panic when it gets too high.

(Aside to Fluther gods: I would increase my sacrificial offerings and daily obeisance if you would create something that allows more than one and less than all deletion on Qs, Activity, and Comments.)

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