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My wife just retired at 63. Can she collect on my account until she turns 66?

Asked by tnewboult (4points) June 8th, 2019

Can my wife who just retired @ 63 collect on my Social Security account until she turns 66 and then collect on her account?

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First, What country are you living in?
Here in Canada one cannot collect until the age of 65 although now it may be up to age 70 Yrs of age. One may be able to obtain Seniors Benefits until they get retirement benefits and it depends on income level. ( if income level low even after , they still collect it . ( threshold of income with Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and Old age security (OAS) as well..

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We live in South Carolina.

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You have to check online or with a Social Security office to get the most accurate current information. The offices are generally very helpful.

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@Tropical_Willie Yeah. I said online but good that you posted the site.

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