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What's the best value UK online store for Digital SLRs?

Asked by benseven (3189points) August 26th, 2008

It’s kind of wishful thinking at the moment, but I don’t really know where the best value place online is to look up Digital SLRs. Thinking about a Nikon D60, and Jessops seemed to have some good bundle deals, but like Amazon I worry they’ll be charging me more than a lesser-known dealer. Anyone got any experience in this?

My first question!

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You can always check e-bay stores, this has a few for under 300 pounds. The lowest price is just 100 quid although with a price that low it could be a grey import and may be a little shady.

edit :: just saw on that page that it is refurbished

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Yeah – I should have mentioned I’d like to avoid grey imports / perhaps even eBay in general – when spending a good amount of cash I want someone with their own customer service / reputation to uphold. There’s good folks on eBay but there’s plenty baddies too!

Cheers though

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I bought my camera on Amazon and it seemed reasonably priced, I think it was slightly cheaper then other electronic stores (Comet, John Lewis and even Argos sells a few dSLRs but the range is quite limited in general electronic high street stores). I just like Amazon because I buy a lot of stuff off there. Shame my dSLR is broke now though :( really need to get it fixed as Canon won’t accept it under the warrenty scheme because it got wet ;_; it’s so annoying as I want to buy a lens to (off Amazon :D )

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I agree about the grey imports. Thats why when i bought my dSLR i was happy paying more then i had seen on the internet and an extra 50 AUD got me another 3 years warranty!

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