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Is a lawn of moss, rather than grass, actually feasible?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46881points) June 19th, 2019

Supposedly it doesn’t need any of the care grass needs, no feeding, no mowing. Would it work? I have a pretty decent sized patch of moss in my front yard already.
What are the down sides?

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Not in 95* F to 105* F North Carolina summers. Pacific Northwest maybe a much better place for mosses instead of lawns.

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Well, we hit in excess of 100 almost every day during the summer, and I have a patch of moss…but it’s in an area that is mostly shade. If it COULD grow, @Tropical_Willie, would it be preferable to grass?

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I have drought resistant grasses for a lawn for a reason, mosses require moisture on a regular basis. If you have area that has moss and it likes it there, let it grow.

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A North-facing well-shaded lawn in a temperate to moderately frigid climate might be an excellent opportunity for a moss lawn, which sounds very natural, almost like romanticism.

In a similar vein, I doubt it would work where a turf roof wouldn’t—“Green roofs” being another viable candidate for mossification.

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Well, I’ll just let it be then guys. Thanks!

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Go on and try it if you have a north-facing and well shaded lawn. Sorry I can’t offer more because I myself don’t know much but I really like the idea.

It seems like lots of bark chips and rocks would lend lots of moss and mushrooms.

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Well, there is a big patch already there. Been there for years. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

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Ferns will grow anywhere moss will.

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Hey, @Dutchess_III I know I am probably annoying you by this point, but if you are fortunate enough to have a sizable and surviving patch of mosses, if you can, I think you ought to do something with it. A moss garden alone sounds really nice, even if you can’t do the entire yard, Faerie gardens and houses, or something more practical, green and organic, comes to mind. A moss garden sounds really nice if it can survive the heatwaves of summer.

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I like the look and feel of moss but it cannot take the sun and must have a moist base. I have some patches as well and occasionally bring some into my home to place on the soil of some indoor potted plants. It looks nice.
Tardigrades (water bears) like to live in moss. You can see them with a good microscope. Take a look!

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I’ll try to remember to send you a pic of it @Yellowdog.
I think the kids have microscopes…I’ll tell them to bring them over @LuckyGuy.

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