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To all the teens out there, what does your music playlist comprise of right now?

Asked by MaisyS (734points) June 23rd, 2019

I just wanted to know. I’m looking for some good 2010 to current day songs. Throw your playlists at me and I’ll share mine in a while too :).

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I think we have, maybe, 1 teen on this site. You’ll have better luck asking on Facebook.

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Oh dang, I posted on Fluther. Sorry guys, this particular post was for another website.

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I asked my teenage cousin a couple of his most favorite songs and this was his list:

Morph – Twenty One Pilots
Winners Circle – Anderson Paak
Nina Cried Turner – Hozier
Bury a Friend – Billie Eilish

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Ah some good songs on there. I especially like Billie Eilish. Thanks for taking the time to answer :).

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