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Song suggestions for getting over a broken heart/bad time in general?

Asked by flash74686 (478points) November 15th, 2009

My best friend just got her heart broken (by a JERK of a guy!) so I was thinking of making her a playlist of songs about getting over a guy, or just really hopeful songs in general, about bad times getting better. She’s really torn up about this, not sure if she can move on, etc, and I just want to do something for her to help.

+Genres don’t really matter, but if you think it does, she really prefers bands like All Time Low, A Rocket to the Moon. But anything goes, from Matt Wertz to George Michael.

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This will be difficult without knowing what kind of music your friend generally likes to listen to.

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Do upbeat songs with nothing about breakups. That won’t help. Maybe these:
‘Sunshine’ by Matt Costa
Henrietta by The Fratellis
Shine On by The Kooks
Sway by The Kooks
She Moves In Her Own Way by The Kooks

Those are all upbeat and pretty good songs.
(more in a sec)

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Move along by all american rejects

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“Tears Dry On Their Own” by Amy Winehouse has come to my rescue in the past. Perhaps also “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood.

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@emma193 ; good call, amy winehouse is amazing.

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I Will Survive preferably by Cake.

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Poor Boy – Nick Drake. It’s sad and self mocking – lurve it

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@SuperMouse lurve for you… awesome version

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Tainted Love Soft Goofiest video ever.

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Just make sure it’s upbeat and fun…nothing worse than crying to sad music when heartbroken. Try Girltalk:D

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Well I kind of disagree. I will go completely into the blues, feel the pain and move on. It always makes it go faster. What you resist persists.

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I don’t know if you want a upbeat song or a good song lyrically for this situation so I will do both
sad but lyrically perfect


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He is With You by Mandisa. I couldn’t find a link, but just google it.

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Picture To Burn
Bad Touch Ok, not about breaking up, but how could you not be happy about this one?
Mix Tape
Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
Keep Ya Head Up
Dysentery Gary

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No Children by The Mountain Goats
Impossible Germany by Wilco
Lull by Andrew Bird
Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams
Have You Forgotten by Red House Painters
Where to Begin by My Morning Jacket

God Damn the Sun by The Swans

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World so Cold by 12 Stones

Funeral of Hearts by H.I.M.

For the Heart I Once Had by Nightwish

Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator by Demon Hunter

These may not be her taste, but they’d be high on my list.

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You know, Golden by Jill Scott is just such a great song, period.

I’m holding on to my freedom
Can’t take it from me
I was born into it; it comes naturally

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Silent House by the Dixie Chicks has done wonders for me in bad times.

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When I was recovering from abusive relationships I was listening to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

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