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Would you ever unfriend an acquaintance due to their inability to write a normal post?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41921points) June 26th, 2019

I friended a nurse technician who used to work at my Dr’s office. We got along really well.

Well, the things is, she must be educated, but her posts read like this:


A friend replied “How u doing? u must really b upset, know 1 or no 1, don’t let it get to you,u r da babe u r da 1,u r not lost, you’ve been found way long ago, special?”

I was like, “Gaaa!! Let me out of here!!”

Would you distance yourself from someone for this reason too?

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Do you mean on Facebook? No.

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I would not “friend” someone like either of those two people in the first place. And, if someone I was friends with started posting like that, I would drop them very quickly.


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As I said, when I met her IRL she seemed educated, and I have no doubt that she is. We laughed a lot. She was nothing like that!
But boy, something’s off somewhere when it comes to writing.
I have no idea who the person is who replied. One of her friends I guess.

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Sometimes, even people whom you assume are your peers, people who seem educated, show really immense deficiencies, particularly in writing or understanding of some factual reality.

I was talking to someone recently who asked why there were more stars in the country than in Memphis. This person actually believed the stars were over these locations themselves.

I have also met seemingly educated people who believe the world is 2,019 years old,

I’ve met people who thought the earth is a star and people who didn’t know how many planets from the sun we are—or that the sun is a star. I’ve met someone who thinks we got our English words from the Bible. And yes, I’ve met people who have terrible writing skills.

I cannot explain these deficiencies except to say that most of them are sufficient or above average with things I can hardly do at all—there are very few electronic or cellular or videogonic devices I can use, and I am horrendously disorganized. A lot of people probably think there is something wrong with me because I am disorganized and/or probably behave oddly enough that it raises red flags.

I suppose that texting has been around long enough now that a lot of people simply learned from childhood to write like crap when they send texts—from a time, age, or era when they wouldn’t be expected to know any better.

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My sister has a bachelor in computer programming and a masters in business. She has a smart phone, but still texts like “Wat U doin’?” We started texting well into our 30s the first time.
In her case I think she just thinks she’s being cool. She’s really on top of things.

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When you find out why people write crap like that when sending texts, send me a Private Message and let me know so I can understand these people better—it annoys the hell out of me too—Almost as much as people who use bad language skills and endless double negatives (e.g. I haven’t done nothing).

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I have unfriended people because they were just plain stupid.

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