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What is conspicuous bravery?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16404points) July 5th, 2019

In the army or military?

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Bravery where no one doubts it. SO obvious…

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@kritiper Do you have an example where one can get a medal in conspicuous bravery?

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Google Audie Murphy.

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@stanleybmanly Excellent point! Also, check out Alvin York.

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Here is John Levitow he received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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@Tropical_Willie Top notch! We’re on a roll!

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I always thought it meant moving forward under heavy fire to save somebody and/or attack the enemy’s position.

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The actual meaning is irrational emotionally driven suicidal behavior. It’s all a matter of where you stand. Imagine, for example, if it fell on the United States to award Congressional medals of honor to those Japanese “fanatics” who rose “above and beyond” in the defense of Okinawa or Iwo Jima. Japan would have produced more medals for “valor” than we have cracker jacks!

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