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Have you heard of someone who cured their type 2 diabetes naturally?

Asked by Aster (19546points) July 6th, 2019

I am pretty sure I have diabetes. I want to cure it without drugs. Can you do that by just losing weight and exercising? My symptoms are: blurred vision, itchy skin, puffy feet, daily fatigue but I don’t have the thirst problem.

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One can control Type II, But one cannot cure it. In other words, strictly following a doctor’s guidance can help avoid being on medication. But the operative word is strictly, and it is a lifetime effort; no leeway, no “day off for special occasion”.

Get evaluated by a Doctor, and get referral to a dietician and an exercise physiologist.

And, the disease may have progressed too far to treat without medication, at least initially.

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There is no such thing x,y, z (bad for you things) ’‘in modertaion are ok’’, since moderate is a meaningless word. If I’ve been consuming a gzillion litres of something I would see half gzillion as moderate, and I would stay at ½ a gzillion, probably. But if I’ve been consuming 1 litre I can I cut back to ½ and then to ¼ nd then to 0.

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@Aster, all those symptoms could be paired with a number of other conditions. Go to the doctor, get an actual diagnosis before you start doing miscellaneous stuff.

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@canidmajor of course you’re right. I most like have several illnesses !

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Or maybe it’s some kind of allergy.

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Type II can be reversed if it’s caught early enough. But for crying out loud go to the doc and get bloodwork done. That could be thyroid, kidneys, hormonal changes etc…

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Yes, using the book Death to Diabetes. But, to address your specific scenario, go see a doctor. You can find a generalist or endocrinologist who is open to patients following a strict diet for initial glucose/insulin control (not all will).

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