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Can mp3s be purchased online with "no strings attached"?

Asked by si3tech (6721points) July 6th, 2019

I purchased some mp3s online only to have them not be playable without downloading a “music library” application? I tried deleting the brand name music library app and found my purchase was no longer in my iTunes library. Is it possible to purchase mp3s without having to sign over your firstborn child? (enter a binding contract) So far there are too many hoops and strings attached. Or is this the price we pay with the monopoly of our big tech/s?

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You can buy mp3s from amazon without having to use any special app or device.

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Ive got over 10K mp3s that I’ve purchased from Amazon. When i first started buying them, they suggested that I use their music app to play them. I did &was happy to play my music through my computer. Then I purchased a car that came with an mp3 player in the radio. I took one of my flash drives & copied my favorite songs over to the flash & put it in the player in my radio. i was thriled to find that I could listen to some of my favorite Blues in my car. My current Samsung has enough room that I’ve been able to copy my entire mp3 library onto it & I use the headset plug to the 3mm plug on my radio to listen to my music & now I never have to listen to commercials nor the same song twice within the same trip unless i choose to repeat!!! Check out Amazon!!!

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^^^What these folks said. Amazon may recommend that you use their app, but you’re not tied to it. Most independent labels that offer MP3s will offer them “no strings attached” as well.

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Oops, just remembered, many of the CD’s that Amazon offers comes with a FREE ripped mp3 with purchase. Amazon does the ripping for you & mails you the CD. IF you own the CD, it’s legal to rip yourself 1 copy as backup….just so you don’t sell t to anyone else!!!

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I also use amazon to buy MP3s. For the obscure stuff they don’t have you can just rip the audio from youtube.

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Another thing that you can do without getting their app is to search sites you feel comfortable using & find an audio converter that will convert the extension of the files that you have to an mp3 extension. Many are free & some are fairly cheap. Although it’s not as popular as it once was, I use as my goto for finding such apps. I’ve been told that it’s a good way to get viruses, but I’ve been using them for close to 20 years without any problems. I’m sure that there are many other ways to get the converters without going through them as well. It’s a bit of a pain but doesn’t actually take that long to accomplish!!!

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