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Suggestions for "loser" to change his/her name to?

Asked by SeekerSeekiing (966points) August 26th, 2008

Mine is FinishStrong….

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Or ummmm….BeginAgain….

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I think “Loser” is a good name. Of course, you’re pronouncing it wrong. It rhymes with “Poser.”

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I went to school with a Mike Loser. (rhymes with Poser).

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why not just call him what he wants? He picked his own name, right? Obviously that’s what he wants.

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frizzer? Kidding, I’m confused.. Why do you care what name “loser” chooses to use?

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As a former “SuperNutJob” I say Loser keeps his name.

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Why is it our business? What should we change Seekerseekiing (did I spell that right?) to? Finderfindiing? Or, how about Weeperweepiing or—rim shot—Loserlosiing?

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How about loser.

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Now there’s an idea.

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You guys… Ah shucks!

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My vote is for “awesomesauce.”

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Oh, now I’m blushing…

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I quite like “loser”, for the irony. “Winner” is an option, if we ever want short and to the point.

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Or “gainer” or “halfgainer,” if you want to take baby steps.

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I like loser! But since loser has changed the avatar- I think his name should be “cutie”! :)

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This again? I like the irony of his name – and already offered my suggestion

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Oooh, ooh it should be Winner! or hottie.

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uberbatman. Oh wait, we’ve already got one. It’s very nice.

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That would be really stupid anyway.

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I was thinking, “TheGuyFormallyKnownAsLoser”.

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Hey, I like that…TGFKAL….good one!

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How about just some strange symbol then?

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Halfreck (that’s for the Buffy lovers…tinyfaery?)

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As in “And now for…”

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I’m becoming very fond of our little ‘oser!’

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