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Can Tourette syndrome with coprolalia sufferers that have voices repeating in ones head that can be mistaken for Schizophrenia,?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) July 16th, 2019

Like offensive voices that repeat? Also can coprolalia cause one to yell out their passwords?

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It doesn’t appear to fit the definition.
“schizophrenia… A type of psychosis characterized by loss of contact with environment and by disintegration of personality.” -from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed.

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I I think it would be a huge stretch.
While both CAN involve unspoken words which are frightening or offensive, both conditions have other symptoms which more clearly define the root problem.
It is known what part of the brain is involved for TS, so that is helpful in separating associated conditions.

In so far as shouting out passwords, I would think unlikely on that, but remotely possible, since the sufferer is throwing out words they don’t want to day.
The good news regarding passwords is, the patient is fully aware of what they have said, so they can do some damage control.

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