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Do you ever hear a voice in your head saying what you're thinking?

Asked by Nevada83 (696points) 3 weeks ago

I sometimes do. I don’t believe it’s God talking to me or anything like that, because it takes the place of the purposeful voice I create inside my head when I’m thinking about something.

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No, never. But that’s because my consciousness and myself are totally in synch. I am myself.

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I’m not saying what I’m thinking, I’m only thinking.
I’m thinking less and less though.

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Sometime this voice say to me, “Cut the crap! Stop goofing off! Get real!”.

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Not yet. Is it speaking to you in English? Does the voice make declarations that counter your “normal” thoughts?

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I constantly hear voices in my head.
But usually I just ignore them, and keep on killing.

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Isn’t that how you normally think?

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I don’t think voice is the right word, but I often have two or more thoughts at the same time.
For many years while I was growing up I had “Companion” thoughts telling me the answers to school work, and the right thing to say in various circumstances.

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No. I have a running commentary but no voice.

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I have conversations with myself all the time. It is how I solve problems.

I got so much shit in elementary and middle school for talking to myself. Then I learned to talk to myself with just moving my lips but not making sounds. Still got tons of shit for that. Now I converse with myself in my head.

I still have a problem with laughing when I am in moments of silence. Like the other day my sister was driving me to Target to get a crock-pot. It was pretty much silence until I started laughing. I was having a internal conversation that was hilarious about eggs as a binding agent when mixing ricotta and mozzarella.

I am the funniest person I know.

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Depends on what you mean. Not like hearing. But “in my mind’s ears” sure, all the time. Or when in a hypnogogic state, all sorts of perceptions as in dreams.

Or when tuning into intuition. Or when tuning into other things via mediumship, but in these cases even less like hearing voices, usually. More like receiving understanding, which I then may put into words in my head.

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Of course, I call it an early echo.
I’m mad like that!

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I imagine hearing all of my thoughts, and sometimes think as though having conversations with different opinions being voiced.

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