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Films with the theme ONE?

Asked by kruger_d (3961points) July 16th, 2019

I host a film festival. It is actually just two friends who come to my home to watch about ten movies over three days. The theme I was assigned this year is ONE. So far I’ve come up with:
A Chorus Line ONE singular sensation
City Slickers. The secret to life is ONE thing
Rope ONE continuous shot
Cast Away ONE guy stranded
Touch of Evil ONE continuous shot in opening scene

But I’d really like some I haven’t seen. We are fine with subtitles and really anything but hardcore horror. We are also MST3K fans.

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The Matrix. Neo is “The One.”

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Lord of the Rings. ONE ring to find them.

Once. Irish film about musicians

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Highlander: There can be only ONE!

Jet Li was two, trying to be The ONE!

I Am Legend: Will Smith was afraid he was the last One.

There was also a short lived TV series called The Last Man On Earth.

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – which is required to view at least once in one’s lifetime.

Ready Player One – an awesome novel and horrible film by Spielberg.

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Cuckoo’s Nest is all time favorite. But we’ve watched it. We’ve done this for 18 years now so have watched around 180 movies.

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