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Can you show me a picture of a really good cut of cooked meat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) July 20th, 2019

A picture will do , but would like a YouTube video.

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Sorry, I’ve eaten it.

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@flutherother Can you describe it with prose or poetry?

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Not going to click it, not going to click it
Probably a crime scene photo of one of Armin’s cuts

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It is youtube, they delete anything that runs afoul of their algorithm.

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@rebbel Its a Gordon Ramsay video. He only swears once.

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@ragingloli Thanks for the link. GA!. Perfect steaks.

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Chef John on the AllRecipes website has some delicious looking & tasting meats!!! He prefers his more rare than I do so i usually have to adjust his cooking times to suit my taste buds. This one was as close to perfect for me as he’s come!!!

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The wife’s out back sunbathing, i’ll grab my camera.

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I was unable to take a photo, she saw my response here & now I have meat cooling off my black eye…never learn.

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Rick’s cousin is smoking a couple slabs of ribs for tonight. I’ll get a picture for you. Also.a picture of my world famous baked beans which have been simmering in the oven for 3 hours now.

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