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What will be the first movie to make one trillion dollars be?

Asked by filmfann (46254points) 1 month ago

Avengers: Endgame has made $855,869,749 so far. It will probably pass a trillion if you include DVD sales. It did this by culminating a very popular 24 film series.
But what kind of film will exceed it?

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Endgame has made almost 2.8 billion.
Get your facts straight.

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Probably something from the Girls Gone Wild series.

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I’m working on it right now.

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A trillion, wow. A thousand billion dollars. In the near future…more probably in the far future….an interactive film where you can change the direction of the story. There are many possibilities enough for people to keep paying again and again just to see them all.

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As of the 21st, Endgame had topped $2.8 Billion. But that is three orders of magnitude from one trillion. Not going to happen soon.

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None of the films listened there, and certainly not Jurassic Park, have come anywhere close to $1 trillion.

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Probably the first interactive porn film/game that is indistinguishable from reality.

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Right, it’s the first $1 billion film though.

$1 trillion in today’s money probably isn’t going to happen before all humans are dead and gone due to our focus on the imaginary money game that the international bank conglomerate has already won.

In terms of nominal dollars though, in the process of all the wars and famines, inflation might let some film score than high before the collapse of civilization.

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Fast and Furious 47.

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@flutherother, lol, and ima watch it too.

@Zaku, I believe there will be a currency dissolve, but it will be not a disaster, rather the evolution humanity needs.
When the human race comprehends there is no value which can be attached to human life, all other things will devalue and currency will no longer have meaning.
Currency was the greatest sin committed by humans, and none of us are innocent.
Currency is the birther of slavery, monarchies, and greed.
Coins of tin, bronze, gold, any metal we can pull from the ground. Paper; thinly sliced bits of tree can be used to have someone killed, or saved.
Nowadays most money can’t even be seen, or touched. It is nothing more than an electronic blink. Even so it controls us. It compels young women to have sex with most anyone. It oversees our daily lives. It drives men to madness, and children to jealous outbursts.
Currency is our greatest evil, and nobody escapes its choking clutches.
And by gosh, I’m going after my share before it does implode.

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The Assassination of Donald Trump
Shot to Shit

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@Zaku “Right, it’s the first $1 billion film though.”

Sure, but that wasn’t really the question, was it?

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Truth is, no movie will ever gross that ridiculous amount, not least because people are increasingly finding more convenient & less expensive ways to get their movie fix.

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Calculus the sequel.

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