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What does your workspace look like?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7433points) August 27th, 2008

Here are a couple pictures of mine. Haha, I guess I just want to see the desks of the people I talk to here.

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It looks like crap.

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@wrestlemaniac yours or mine? heh

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To embaressed.

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Like hell mine looks.

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1 part tornado damage, 2 parts landfill.

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I end up with stacks on either side of the computer that I’ll eventually go through and sort. Every few weeks I get sick of it and sort it a bit. Usually the stuff near the top is used more often. The stuff I use all the time is actually in organized folders or has it’s own place.

So, what it looks like? Stack, computer, stack.

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I just started a new job, so my cubicle os all neat and tidy right now. If you asked this again in a week, I’m sure it will be a disaster area. By then I’ll have stacks of textbooks everywhere, post-it notes stuck to anything that doesn’t move, piles of essays to read.

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my office=chaos

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we sure do have a lot of messy people here huh?

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Mine’s not messy. There’s just a lot of stuff on it. :^>

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like the aftermath of a hurricane

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One big computer lab and loads of students

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I’ll take a picture next time I’m at the campaign office.

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Maybe if we all weren’t on Fluther at work we could tidy up. :)

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@johnpowell: If that isn’t an old picture, I’m going to kick your ass.

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It looks like a wine store.

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@lefteh :: That is about 9 months old.

The iPod in the picture is now with Nikipedia.

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I was more concerned with the cigarettes.

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I know.. My desk is smoke free now. Just more beer cans.

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That is okay by me.

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Like this my PC on the left gets rarely used now sadly as I can run Linux and Windows on the PC on the right, plus the desk is much easier to work on. My room is a little bit messier to now.

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