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Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 27th, 2008

I’ve just noticed that my gmail account on my iphone is set up as a POP account. Is this better than IMAP, or should I switch it over?

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I love IMAP because I access Gmail from my Mac and my iPod Touch, and IMAP keeps them in sync. Messages deleted on one disappear on the other.

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POP3 if you only use 1 device to check the account.
IMAP if you check the account from multiple devices as it makes it easier to keep track of things.

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There is a good article here:

IMAP is a newer protocol than POP, in that it allows for interaction with the servers, like you have with the browser-based gmail interface. POP just opens a connection with the server, downloads your mail, and closes down again, but IMAP can deliver new messages to your inbox as they arrive.

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IMAP for sure. It is much more convenient to have the same set of email on every client as well as on the web.I switched over a year or so ago and have not looked back.

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I prefer IMAP over POP, but have had weird issues with the (os x), gmail, and my blackberry. Because Mail saves a draft every now and then, the draft gets sent to my blackberry, which can be bothersome at times.

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Thanks everyone – I’m going to look in to swapping over to IMAP tonight!

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if you are not always-connected to the internet POP3 otherwise IMAP4

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