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How can I move sent messages automatically from Gmail (IMAP) to my local PST file?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) May 16th, 2008

I am using Outlook 2003 with Gmail. I use POP to get all my inbound messages but cannot figure out how to get messages sent via IMAP (e.g. from other computers or iPhone) off Gmail and into my PST.

Do you know of a script/outlook rule or plugin that can do this?

Just so you know, switching solely to IMAP is not a solution that will work for me.

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You could most probably access your Gmail ‘Sent’ folder from within Outlook. Can’t you just drag them onto your local ‘Sent’ folder from there?

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The detail of your question seems unclear. If you are using POP on your Outlook client and don’t have the “leave messages on server” option checked in GMAIL, all messages received in your GMAIL folder and downloaded successfully to Outlook will be deleted from your GMAIL inbox.

IF you are using IMAP on your Outlook client and have GMAIL configured for this correctly, you need to set-up Outlook to sync with GMAIL (e.g. you see the GMAIL inbox within Outlook like any other account) and create a rule that moves the individual emails from the synced IMAP folder to another folder physically located on your system (e.g. a local folder or inbox). When creating a rule in Outlook skip the standard rules and create a custom rule. It’s not difficult but read the text for each option carefully as sometimes Outlook won’t let you do things in a manner that is as direct as you’d like.

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