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Can Russia buy up our 3rd world states?

Asked by stanleybmanly (20123points) 1 week ago from iPhone

As they have currently co-opted Moscow Mitch?

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If they did, why should we care? We’re capitalists. Money talks.

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I think you meant precedent.

I have, just for fun, shopped real estate listings for towns up for sale.

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China (the Chinese,) has bought up large portions of Detroit…

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<snort> They are welcome to it.
Maybe they will make it all Chinatown, and people would love to go there to eat, and buy fireworks.
Don’t eat the grass soup.

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I have family in Detroit. I personally don’t care, how many foreigners, buy it up/change it. The Chinese are also buying up land in other countries. Couple that, with their expansionist agenda (over the past 20 or so years,) and it makes it seem like they have nefarious plans. They’re even working on getting to the Moon. They may lay claim to the Moon, just like their illegal claims to the South China Sea. Russia, will likely lay claim to the Arctic, once the ice melts. Some countries, are thinking ahead. Just some food for thought…

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“our 3rd world states”
They would have to buy your entire country, then.
Not sure they have the money for that.
Now, China, on the other hand…

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Which third world states are these? Vermont? Wyoming?

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Them folks build their homes on cliff edges and then act surprised when it ends up on the rocks below.
They can’t be real bright.

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Not everyone in California lives on the Pacific.

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