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During a typical day in your life, when do you feel happiest?

Asked by JLeslie (58942points) August 14th, 2019 from iPhone

Do you pause on a regular basis and realize your happiness during the day? What is it that makes you happy on an average day?

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I feel happiest as I am lying down to go to sleep – it’s the physical relaxation that I enjoy. And that knowledge that I have no responsibilities to anyone else for the next 7 -8 hours.

I’m not sure I feel happiness in the course of an average day. It’s mostly routine.

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During a long hot shower.

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After a hard workout or competitive race.

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Being up at 3AM in the still of the night, doing whatever I want with no interruptions.

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What a sweet question!

I live on an isthmus and usually see one of the lakes I’m surrounded by on most days. For the past week I’ve been stuck in a motel 5 miles away from the isthmus. Living in a motel is depressing but I realized what I miss is seeing fresh water like I usually do. I miss it so much!

Long story short, seeing and enjoying the beauty of freshwater lakes most days gives me peace and happiness.

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I am at my best after a sss. Shit, shower and shave.

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When the workday ends.

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Walking on the boardwalk or listening to live music there.

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As I’m waking up and the shit hasn’t come to mind yet.

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@Dutchess_lll Waking up is the worst time of day for me.

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^Yep. I hit snooze on the alarm at least 3 times.

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After I wake up and have had my coffee.

In the shower.

When I first go to bed.

When I’m in the middle of teaching a class.

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When my meds kick in.
When the weather permits I like to leave the front door open during the wee hours.
We have a neighborhood owl. When he starts hoo hooing I feel a peaceful joy.

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I get really happy when I’m
at home, comfortable, and realize I don’t have to do anything I don’t feel like doing.

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For me, a typical day is a work day. I would say on a work day, I am happy when I am home in the evening and hanging out in my comfortable clothes with the evening ahead of me.

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When I hang out with my friends, online or offline.

When I lie in bed and ready to sleep.

When I read. This one is a pretty new thing. I only started to read books I actually like a few years ago.

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When I sleep.

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When I have the house to myself and money in my pocket!

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When I get home from work and immediately put on my pajamas and say “hi” to my cats.

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^^Lol. I have a friend who was newly married, and she was complaining to me her husband comes home and changes to his pajamas and just wants to watch TV most nights. I responded, “isn’t that what most working people want to do?” I don’t even work, and I love that moment that I know I’m home for the night and can change into my comfy clothes.

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I think about how lucky, happy & blessed I am at least a couple of times a day. Life is short people, embrace the hell out of it & enjoy the ride.

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When I’m out with dogs, especially the times they stop being busy with smells and check in with me to say “See? See why outside is always better?”

When my husband hugs me before I really wake up, and when he teases me in a loving way.

When I have the time and solitude I need for a session of “cookies and relaxation”.

Also, the times I wake up to a spam-free Fluther because some generous mod has stayed up past their bedtime.

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I feel the happiest in the mornings because God is giving me another chance to do something different and make a change in myself. Another day to work on achieving my goals
Also another day to share what is freely given to me.

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