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Did Bob Seger ever put out a bad song?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44182points) August 17th, 2019

I started with “Come to Papa” and now it’s cycling through songs of his, some that I don’t remember having heard before…and they’re all just beautiful.
The older I get the more I appreciate the art.

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I’m not a huge Bob Seger fan, but I went to his concert and he was great.

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“Did Bob Seger every put out a bad song?”

Yep, pretty much every song he recorded.

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About as many as Gunter Gabriel.

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Love him. Used to listen to him on the car with the kids.

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Do you mean other than the ones he grunts and groans and “uh-huh“s through?
My philosophy is, if you don’t know the words, shut up.

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Many times I wished I could drop something on his head, like a fucking rock.

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I would have to say, all of them.

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Can you give me a for instance @kritiper? Reading your answer the only thing that came to mind was Barry White.

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“Against the Wind.”

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The lyrics of that song are not hard to understand at all.
He wrote most of his own songs. What makes you think he doesn’t know the words?

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You’d be surprised at how many artists forget their own material.

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Well, I can imagine if they were singing live and had a million songs stored in their brains, but I thought he was suggesting that Seger was forgetting the words on the official recorded version.

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I love his music. Ive seen him twice in concert.

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