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When a song makes you sad or reminds you of something sad how do you cope with the feeling?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 5th, 2009 from iPhone

Whenever I hear This World Cant Tear Us Apart -Trivium
It makes me sad because someone told me about that song and the person is no longer in my life and it reminds me of them.

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Desperado, by the Eagles. It reminds me of my first love, and then it reminds me of her being killed in a car wrecks a few months afterwards. Bittersweet memories.

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Colorblind by Counting Crows.. times with my mom.
The Scientist by Coldplay reminds me of when my boyfriend and I first started talking, not sad, just different.

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Cats And The Cradle by Harry Chapin

Mad World by Tear For Fears (but the cover from the Donnie Darko soundtrack is more well-known).

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Zombie by The Cranberries is pretty depressing.

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boots, I guess this makes the two of us.

Mad World. Reminds me of a crush from 8th grade.

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@jonsblond Cranberries lurve :)

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@boots Mad World by Gary Jules is also one of my sad songs :[

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@chelseababyy It’s about the most depressing song I know of…

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Any song from Mariah Carey’s first album. That thing just makes one want to go suicidal if he/she is going through a heartbreak.

I’m actually going through a semi-heartbreak in my life now but I’m older now. I can differentiate between reality and entertainment. As opposed to if I was still a teen, I’d probably be really, really depressed. I mean really.

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American Pie
Fire and Rain
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Don’t Take the Girl
It’s Sad to Belong
You and Me Against the World
The Last Song
When She Cries

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@Bluefreedom Some of those songs are in my iPod right now…

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Also, anything by Morrissey.

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@boots It’s depressing, but so beautiful.

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@chelseababyy I love that song! (Mad World)

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@Tink1113. Every one of those songs are in my iPod.

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@Bluefreedom The world is a depressing place dude

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Ok and I will also state that whenever I hear a song by Secondhand Serenade I cry uncontrolably because almost every song is about a break-up but I just love it

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@Tink1113. It can be sometimes, no doubt about that. You just have to rise above it and do the best you can each day.

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@Bluefreedom Struggle each fckn day

I don’t want to bring the mood to sadness so I’ll just stop talking about that stuff. Even thought this thread is about sad songs…

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how do i cope with the feeling?

1. turn up the volume
2. repeat

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Sorry guys I had to change the question cuz it was too much of a poll.

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@jonsblond Isn’t it just so great? When I have those down days, it feels good to just listen.. and cry.

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@Tink1113. Since you had to change the question, I have to expound on my answer. You’ve got my list of sad songs so how do I cope with the feelings of sadness? I switch to music that is more upbeat or I engage in an activity that makes me happy and that makes me feel good. Like Fluthering for instance…...always a wonderful way to pass the time. =)

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I cope with the feeling by putting it up louder, and louder till my ears hurt and pretending it doesn’t matter

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@Tink1113. You do know that once you suffer injuries to certain parts of the ear, they don’t heal again right? You might want to consider not using the unsafe volume of music as a standard for coping with sadness. It’s not healthy, my friend! Try something different because your welfare and your sense of hearing DOES matter okay?

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Answering new question: I play some Tenacious D or Flight of the Conchords. It doesn’t take long until I feel much better. Leeleelee

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I usually try to remind myself of the good times when I am reminded of people that are gone.

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@Bluefreedom Eh, I know sign language anyways :)
@jonsblond I love the movie Tenacious D!!

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@uberbatman :] Nice!

@Tink1113 I’m watching them now on HDNet.

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When a song makes you sad or reminds you of something sad how do you cope with the feeling?

I stop listening to it.

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@jonsblond Lucky, I don’t have that channel :( But I saw it on Friday. My favorite part is when Kane gives JB the guitar, it almost made me cry
@FutureMemory But the pain is still there

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@Tink1113 The sasquatch scene was a hallmark of fine cinema.

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@quasi Ha and also the part when he turns off the laser at the museum with the “push-up” technique

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I have a mix of songs for when I’m feeling down. It’s much easier for me to get over being sad, by just.. being sad for a while.

It consists of:
The Lighthouse by The Hush Sound (if you haven’t heard it, it’s fab)
Hundred – The Fray
Colorblind By Counting Crows
Trouble By Coldplay
and also The Scientist by them as well
To Build A Home By the Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson
Mad World by Gary Jules
This Years Love By David Gray
Amie By Damien Rice I don’t particularly like the live version
You and I by Michael Buble – Which I can’t find _
Glycerine by Bush
I’m Going to a Town by Rufus Wainwright <—Reminds me of Mad World.

I have a ton more. But won’t bore you ;D

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@chelseababyy – ^_^ I don’t mind, I’m in need of talking to people

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@Tink1113 I’m like a musical dictionary. I can find a song for pretty much any mood. Most of the time ;D

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@chelseababyy What’s your song for “hungry”? You’ve got me curious now. ;)

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@chelseababyy I mostly have sad music, but it’s my own fault but the happy music I have is Ra Ra Riot, they are amazing!

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@jonsblond mine goes a little somethin like this

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@jonsblond Either this for my gangster side.. or.. for my more cheery side.. it’s this

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@chelseababyy that was fresh rollin’ gangsta to the maximum.

throw some cheese on that B*tch

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@quasi Mhmm. Ya diiiiiiiiiig.

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@uberbatman I like yours better than mine.

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@johnpowell Oh he didn’t die, he’s just not my friend anymore…

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Well, if you really don’t like it, the best option would be to not listen to it anymore.

No song makes me sad enough to do that. There are many pieces of music that remind me of my grandmother who died this year, but they make me think of positive memories of her and the house she had that I used to visit many many times as a young kid.

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I Remember That – by Prefab Sprout. It’s definitely about the singer’s feelings about someone who has died, and it’s more wistful than sad. I think of Mommy when I hear this song.

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Places That Belong to You – Barbara Streisand;
Wherever You Are – Celeste Prince;
Dance With my Father – Luther VanDross;
Your Birthday – Joanna Juskus;
The Song Remembers When – Trisha Yearwood
The Path of Thorns and Hold On – Sarah McLachlan

All these songs make me sad for different reasons, but I love them. When I hear them, I try to stop and take it all in. I remember what I need to remember, give my heart a second to embrace it, and then I let it go.

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The Scientist by Coldplay used to remind me of an ex I was with about 7 years ago. I couldn’t listen to it for a long time. I still haven’t listened to it since then, but I think I could without getting emotional now. I’m way over it.

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Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits
I was listening to this song as we drove into the American Cemetery in Normandy. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but the music gods decreed it so. Whenever I hear it now, I revel in it. I think a little sadness is a good thing.

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Most songs that make me cry are good sad cries.
Sweet Child Of Mine, makes me cry. Yellow by Coldplay. Breathe Me by Sia.
They all bring out different emotions.

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Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and In My Arms by Plumb and It’s a beautiful day by Coldplay.
I try and relate the songs to something else, that doesn’t make me cry. It’s not always easy but whatever comes into your head you have to relate it to something other than that. Or at least that’s what I do…

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@Tink1113 I just go with the feeling….

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Both “Chutes Too Narrow” and “Wincing The Night Away” Albums by The Shins bring back very sensual/deep emotions for me (not necessarily “bad/sad”) and remind me of when me a buddy went to Mississippi (we would listen to both albums in the car a lot while we were there). I get very indescribable feelings that range from sadness to happiness.

The song “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles also leaves me with a deep feeling.

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No need to deal with the feelings of sadness, just let them flow out of you and after awhile you will be able to hear the song with some warmer memories attached to the sadness. Let the music soothe your soul.

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This one.I usually punch the wall.
I never got it back ;))

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I change the FM Station or insert a different CD, one that has a beat. i only love a slow song when i am dancing. i never let my mood get the best of me.

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Stars go Blue by Ryan Adams. I know it’s supposed to be happy, but it’s just something about his voice that makes me cry.

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Love You Til The End – The Pogues, no clue why. It just makes me weepy. :)

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I embrace it and turn the volume up.

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@Storms Same here…I embrace it and experience the feeling, whether happy or sad, or whatever.

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When I hear “Wind Beneath My Wings” it reminds me of my mother. My feeling is so sad at first, so I cry, and then start recalling how lovely, sweet and amazing she was, and I begin to smile. My happy memories carry me for a very long time and keep me smiling.

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When I hear a song that makes me sad I turn up the volume and let myself cry!

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Outside, by Staind

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I turn the song off.

LH, 5:46 PM, 3/20/11, Chas., SC

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There are so many songs that make me sad, but there are some that make me feel like I’m going to die, and I always cry while listening to them. There’s a song that makes me cry even when I’m just thinking about it. I’m crying right now, actually. It reminds me of my mother and how much we love eachother. When I told her about it, she said the song made her sad too. I really try not to listen to that song, and if someone’s listening to it, I have to find a place to hide and cry.

Now, if it’s just a song that makes me cry, and not the song I talked about before, I just listen to it many times, and cry.

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I change the channel or turn it off. Can’t deal with it.

There are two that I can’t handle at all. One is “Cheri, Baby” from the 60’s. It was playing on the radio in my mom’s car when I witnessed a little boy get hit and killed by the car in front of us. I was about 6 or 7 years old.

The other is “When September Ends” which was popular around the time my husband died.

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This used to KILL me as a child.

The first emotional response to art I remember.

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I put on The Pretender or something similar, and imagine a younger, crazed Yoda dishing out telekinetic lightsaber wrath on an army of Terminators during the good parts. Works for lightening a blue streak, too.

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Toyland because it’s so damned lovely and so damned true. Never fails to move me.

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Selena Perez song, Thinking of you makes me sad every time I hear it because it reminds me of a friend that I have lost.

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Most songs by Mayday Parade get me weeping, amazing band, but they have some very emotion-provoking lyrics.

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