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What is meant by landing pages in digital marketing?

Asked by AnthonyLeads (58points) August 27th, 2019

aside that it means typically as the website link, any ideas/tips or tricks on having a good, SEO-Friendly landing pages?

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Landing Page is another name for a Home Page. Both are technically called the Index Page (index.html for example). In all cases it is the first web page you (the user) lands on after you link to or enter a url in the address bar of your web browser.

SEO (search engine optimization) Friendly pages use real type with web safe/web served fonts; has completed meta data and key words in the code; uses clean html, css code; has alt field completed and ada compliant options.

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In digital marketing, landing pages are web pages created for a marketing or advertising campaign. A landing page is important because it provides the information about the ads which are clicked by the viewer. Landing pages have a call to action that leads viewers to convert, and it also gives us information while capturing about the viewers who they are and what they have converted on.

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