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NIKON D60 Lens?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) August 27th, 2008

Im thinking about getting my first DSLR, to upgrade my old NIKON 990. I’m favoring on getting a NIKON D60 and I have no clue which lens i should get. I plan to be taking swimming photos in the winter, and i the summer, soccer photos, and portraits in between.

Thanks in advance,

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I recently got a nikon d40 with a wide angle lense 15mm – 55mm and it has served me very well for a variety of photos

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I have a Sigma 70–300mm Macro Manual focus. It was a bargin and works very well for getting good photo’s from far away. This is good for the soccer and swimming because you don’t have to be near the players.

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Start with the basics. 55mm Nikor, 18 – 70mm, Nikor. Then if you want a telephoto go for a 70 – 300mm Nikor, or better. I’ll tell you the 55mm gives you the nice clear shots, and you don’t have to be at the back of the room to take the pictures either.

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@cooksalot, Nikor lenses are very good, but compared in price and quality to sigma they’re a bit overpriced

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There’s a kit that had both the 18–55 and 55–200 lenses with the D60; that’s what I got. You’ll want the longer lens when you’re up in the stands at swim meets and soccer games but even at 55mm, close-ups aren’t the easiest (the long lens can’t focus up close). They also sell an 18–200, but that lens by itself is almost as much as the whole kit.

Joeysefika, does your Sigma lens work properly with the camera’s built-in light meter? That can sometimes be a problem with manual lenses.

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@Jaredg, no i’ve had no problems. It has seemed to work well so far.

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I like Nikor because Nikon lenses started out as a medical optical company. One of the best at that. So it goes they know how to make quality glass. Once upon a time I had a Sigma lens. it was stolen with my Pentex set up when I was in college.

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if you are not to worried about quality(and price) you can get a Nikon 18–200mm.

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if you are still considering the camera as well as lens options, then i suggest getting a D80 or D90 nothing below that, especially coming from a analog/film camera you will miss the Depth of Field preview button on the lower models.
In terms of lenses get the new Nikkor 50mm f1,4G AF-s if you can afford it. Otherwise the old 50mm/1,4 AF (non-S)is good too.

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