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How do you speed up the healing of a simple cut on let's say on a hand?

Asked by flo (12389points) 2 weeks ago

The normal process is band aide, then take off band aide after a certain amount of time. What other step can reduce the amount of time?
Other than what it is in these sites.

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Medi Honey

Expensive but so worth it

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Apply Neosporin, or the like, and cover with a bandage but replace bandage if it gets wet. Keep the wound and bandage dry.

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Soap and water.

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Hands, feet, anything to do with eating/digestion, and sex organs, heal faster than other parts of the body. It’ll be better, before you know it…

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Keep it covered but let it air a bit too. Alternate between these two states. A wound must be kept neither too dry not too moist. I learnt that from treating a venous ulcer on a leg where healing takes ages. Proper cleaning and what I said before. I also know that a diet of leafy greens and generally fruit and veg helps in the healing process.

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I find salves surprisingly effective. Even plain old Neosporin or similar antibiotic salves seem to accelerate the normal healing process noticeably. My current favorite has tea tree oil and beeswax and is super effective.

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Thanks all. If you would post a link it would be great too.

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You can find Neosporin at any kind of drug store and in lots of market next to the bandaids.
Neosporin is not very expensive, but there is usually a cheaper very similar generic next to it, too, they work fine in my experience. The difference on something like that seems to be the quality of the petroleum jelly or whatever medium is used to deliver the antibiotic ingredient.

I like the looks of @anniereborn‘s Medi Honey and might try that when I run out of beeswax-based salve.

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@dabbler Alright. I’m looking for something after you do the usual things, i.e Neosporin, band aide leaving it to air. So something you do like not drinking alcohol,etc.

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Mainly. Just protect the wound. That does include less alcohol intake. Less/no smoking, avoiding continued re-injury, and keeping it out of the Sun, etc.

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@MrGrimm888 Keeping it out of the sun? Would you post a link regarding that.

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I don’t have the ability to post links. But your skin, has several layers. The outermost, is the best at absorbing sunlight. If that layer is gone, the under layers will suffer the effects of the radiation more. Logic , would therefore dictate a slower healing process.
I’m not suggesting that you wear a glove, in the daytime. But don’t just let the injury sit in direct sunlight…

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When I posted the link I wasn’t thining of the kind that removes the skin layer/s, I don’t know why but I was thinking of sharp cuts by blade etc.

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What is the exact location of the injury? Was the blade serrated, or straight? How deep, is injury?
Was the object that cut the hand, a blade, an oyster, a piece of glass etc. Was a finger nail damaged? Was it a puncture, or a slash? There are different types of issues, that would be associated with this information.

I’ve had almost every type of cut, or laceration, there is, in my life. I’ve had to have stitches probably, at least 20 times, and there have been dozens of others that I just treated on my own.

With almost any wound, infection, is the main concern, assuming that the person stopped the bleeding.

I hate to sound insensitive, but I personally, would just go on about life normally, and endure whatever pain, or challenges, until it heals. If infection, is suspected, or there may be a piece of the object that caused the injury lodged in the wound, I would see a doctor. Otherwise, I would just consider it, an inconvenience.

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@MrGrimm888 I don’t see that as insensitive. By the way, I don’t have a wound right now, it’s a general question, for me or whoever might want to know. The thing is who doesn’t need to shorten the healing time, not me

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