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Are you allowed to go to your old high school (that you never got to graduate from, and to this day you wish you did) to go inside and look around to relive the memories?

Asked by Nevada83 (833points) September 5th, 2019

I think I heard somewhere that some don’t allow you to. I was in 9th and 10th grade in this school, and it was amazing. I made the best friends, got to experience the acting lifestyle, and other things. Then I moved away, and the high school I finished in was a hellhole comparatively. I still want to rewind and finish school at my old high school.

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I would check with that schools office staff, and tell them what you want to do, because they have the students safety in mind and to find a stranger walking through the halls would raise concern.

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You definitely can’t go during school hours. And after hours, you still need permission.

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I don’t think you can be on school grounds during school hours if you’re not a current student.

Shouldn’t you be in school during school hours anyway?

I’ve gone to visit old teachers after hours. Just check in with the office first.

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See if you can connect with the reunion group at school we have several “adopted”’ grads that went to school with us but moved away. They are at welcome to all our reunion events.

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1. I did graduate.
2. I think we were the last class to graduate before they downgraded it to a middle school, so everything is different now.

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I’ve been in my old hs several times. Go to a play or bball game, its open to the public here.

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Your college graduation should take care of that.

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