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Will you see Dave Chappelle's "Sticks and Stones" routine?

Asked by Demosthenes (7297points) 1 week ago

If you have seen it, what do you think? I will probably watch it this week if I have time.

Apparently it’s very controversial :) Netflix has it listed under the genre “politically incorrect”.

Among other things, he defends politically incorrect humor (like jokes about trans people), he claims the Michael Jackson accusers are lying, says that if women can have an abortion, men shouldn’t have to pay child support, among other things.

Do you find humor that “punches down” to be funny?

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I haven’t seen it but I am open to hearing what he has to say and his logic. I haven’t seen a lot of his comedy but I think he can be funny so I’d be open to watching this.

I’m not usually the pearl clutching type that gets offended at much.

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I saw it. It is definitely “controversial.” But his opinions often carry a certain amount of undeniable logic.

Long time Chappelle fans, are fully aware, of his style of rhetoric. Those who aren’t, are often caught off guard, and/or offended, by his opinions. I don’t agree, with everything he says. But his insights, are often simply callingout hypocrisy, and imbalance in society. The fact is, many people are offended by his delivery, and aren’t open minded enough, to understand that a person being blunt, is actually a more genuine person than one who attempts to please everyone.

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I’m not that familiar with Chappelle so I’m open to check him out. I often enjoy an irreverent sense of humor but it can depend on how it’s delivered. Can’t say that I’ll go out of my way to watch. Also can’t say I’ll avoid. Guess that’s a maybe.

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I used to enjoy Dave’s sense of humor. After he went through his meltdown & disappeared, I realized that I hadn’t missed him!!! When he reemerged, I had lost interest & didn’t even attempt to reconnect. Will I be willing to watch??? I guess my answer would be yes IF only to see how he’s changed over the years or maybe reconnected with himself!!!

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Oh yes, I’ll watch it. I’ve always liked Dave myself and I’m over the PC humor.

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Seen it. It’s funny. Even the controversial jokes. Don’t know whether he really believes all that he says but to me his delivery was spot-on funny. His other stand-up where he talked about going out to vote for Obama and going out to vote for Hillary was a riot.

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I highly recommend Half Baked, and The Chapelle Show. Before watching Sticks, and Stones.

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@MrGrimm The crackhead skits are my favorite.

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I thought the blind guy who was black and didn’t know he was black was really funny, too.

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My friends and I used to watch Chappelle’s Show in high school and I remember it well. I admit I’m not the biggest fan of stand-up and that I hadn’t thought about Dave Chappelle in a while. It’s unfortunately that this absurd “controversy” brought him to my mind but I’m happy for it to give his routine more attention.

I was interested in this because of its ratings on RottenTomatoes. I use RottenTomatoes to find great movies all the time. There are movies where you will see a divide between critical reviews and audience reviews. The new Star Wars movies, for some reason. Critics love them, audiences think they’re mediocre. And there are some goofy comedies that critics find mediocre and audiences love. But this comedy special had perhaps the greatest divide in RottenTomatoes history: at one point the critical consensus was 0% and the audience rating was 100%, meaning every single critical review was negative and every single audience review was 5 stars.

It reveals an interesting societal divide: in this case between “elites” and the general public. Hollywood reviewers can’t stand politically incorrect humor; they can’t stand “punching down. To them there are groups of people who are immune from lampooning and Chappelle violated all their rules. But the general public seems to like it and find it funny. What matters in comedy to me is (big shocker) funny. If it’s funny, then that’s all that needs to be said about it.

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I loved the Rick James skit, the most. I still laugh, until I cry, watching it. And I’ve seen it a hundred times.

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