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Did you ever do a power drive in a miniature golf course?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15340points) 3 weeks ago

Fore! Humor welcome.
I did. The golf ball went deep into the furnature store. I played it where it landed.

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No. Just on the course.

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Nope, never.

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Yes, once at Scarborough I really belted the ball on the first hole. It sailed high in the sky aided by a tail wind and I ran after it terrified that someone might be injured. I could see the ball bounce, then bounce again right along the esplanade but when I reached the place where I expected to find it there was no trace. It was then I heard a child’s voice say “is that your ball mister?” and looking down I saw I saw my ball in the first hole of a second miniature golf course a quarter of a mile from where I had started. It was the only time I ever got a hole in one.

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With a putter???

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No. I don’t wish to fight windmills.

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