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Im looking to buy a beanbag chair...something along the line of a lovesac...

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) August 28th, 2008

I want to buy a beanbag chair for my room, but I do not know how they actually feel and what is a good size for it. Can somebody whose has a lovesac or comfysack tell me how they are and should I buy one?

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I know lovesac has stores in many malls where you can go and just sit down in them in their showroom. That would be my best advice. I sat in one for a while and thought it was mighty comfortable.

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I hate them; once you get in, you either have to roll out or hire a derrick. On the plus side, they are cheap and good for a college dorm room..

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If you can find one that has a fabric cover. Like denim as opposed to Naugahyde. A lot more comfortable and you won’t have the thought of all those Nauga’s that had to give their life to make a beanbag chair. That keeps the PETA folks at bay…..

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And get a cover for the cover. Having the filling leak out really creates a mess (particularly if you live with a sharp-clawed and frisky friend.)

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I have a lovesac, they are nice for taking naps, and my 2 year old just loves crawling all over it and jumping off it.

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