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Why do some people here get snippy when they think someone is getting homework help?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) August 28th, 2008
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Well, it depends on the kind of help. If they truly do not understand something and are unable to figure it out after using the text and internet, then asking for help is never bad. But if they ask “i need to write an essay on blah,” what should i say? or “can you solve this math problem?” (without mentioning what all they have already to solve said problem and what step they are stuck at), then I can see why people would be annoyed. Why? Well, because we all went through that class in high school and were able to figure it out by our own hard work. But more importantly, one of the biggest reasons for giving students homework is so their minds are challenged and so that by doing the hw, they hone their problem solving skills. By helping them do this hw, we would be giving them an easy way out and they would eventually just have further and bigger trouble when they go to college because they haven’t developed the necessary study skills in high school.

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I second PnL.

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Because they’re using the wrong resource to solve the problem.

If you have homework, it’s because a teacher is assigning it to you. This means you have a teacher, and the teacher should be your first resource.

If you’re struggling with your homework, the teacher needs to know, so that he or she can offer extra help and evaluate you on your effort. Further, you’re paying the teacher to teach you—why come here and ask for help for free?

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You are calling us “snippy” now when I would say “sensible” or “helpful.” I have already made the honor roll. And I don’t think that we are doing any young person a service by doing his work.

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This site, as I understand it, is about answers to questions more open ended than the McEssay prompts that come from school assignments. If you don’t know how to solve equations, then you should seek help from your teacher after school; likewise for drafting theses to papers.

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Because I know for a fact that when I was in high school, if I found a website that would do my homework for me I would be over the moon, and keep coming back and using it more. I don’t want Fluther to be that website. Homework questions are BORING, and people shouldn’t be BORING us with them. BORING.

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its called homework “help” for a reason. Don’t need to bitch about a question that somebody has. That’s what fluther is about, asking questions.

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@glitterrrrfish: Yeah I get what you mean, but we do see a lot of “Can you give me the answer to…” questions. If they’re genuinely wanting to learn more about something and not just copying down questions, then that’s okay.

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I wouldn’t think they’d get a very long or referenced answer on Fluther—at least none of my teacher’s would have accepted it with out those…replace long with through….

As for myself, if I’m interested, I’ll answer…what the person does with that is on them.

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I say go research the answer to your question just like a good student should instead of us flutherites doing it for you.

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help and getting people to do it for you are two very different things

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this isn’t the homework help hotline, ask someone in your class if you need help on an assignment.
High school sucks, but that’s not our problem anymore…...we have moved on to bigger problems…

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@cheebdragon, I totally agree with you, but it technically still is my problem for one more year!

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With Richard- BOOOORING. Do your homework yourself, like every other non-hotel-chain-magnate’s-heir-or-heiress in the world.

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