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What do you think of this clip?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (6158points) 2 weeks ago

I hope I copied it OK.

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I guess it’s something to get all fired up about.

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Most of that is done by pouring sauces with a lot of alcohol over the burgers. Doesn’t appeal to me at all, and I would find it taking away from the integrity of the cheeseburger.

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what did I post???

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NOOOOO!!!! That is not what I thought I posted! Ga!

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I wonder what their insurance policies are like…

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That was the strangest clip ever y’all! Not my fault.

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It was entertaining anyway, especially with your reaction.

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Even “boring company the not a flamethrower” made an appearance.

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The things people will do to escape the lethargy around sheer boredom.

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Pointless theatrics, and rest assured, I would be eating a burger like that with knife and fork.

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@ragingloli and that is exactly why it is wrong. Eating a cheeseburger with a knife and fork is an abomination.

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The same is true of burgers that are stacked so high, you need an alligator maw to take a bite.

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I liked the little boy’s reaction to mom’s marriage proposal and the fact that mom was so into her own moment that she didn’t notice

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I reposted with the right video, Here

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