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When you send emails, either personal or professional, do you have a standard closing that you tend to use before your signature?

Asked by jca2 (12183points) September 24th, 2019

There was a conversation in an etiquette group on FB, where people were talking about the use of “best” or “best regards” or “yours truly” vs. thanking people in advance (if you’re requesting something), or just “thanks.” They were discussing other closing statements, as well, like “warmly” or “fondly.” I always felt “fondly” sounded like “fondling.” LOL

I don’t tend to use one. I have, on my work emails, a signature with my organization and contact info, but I don’t use any closing words. I may thank the person, if the email was something to thank them for, but otherwise, I don’t use anything.

One of my relatives uses “best” which I think sounds stupid. I think “best regards” or something sounds better. That’s just my opinion.

On my personal emails, I don’t use anything. No signature, no phrase, no closing.

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I use ‘thank you’, then the signature.

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I use, “Good health” a lot.

For variation I might say, “Cordially”.

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I use “Thanks,” at work.

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Nothing standard. Usually nothing at all.

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“Kind regards”

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Better than “Mean regards.”

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With kind regards.

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Better than “No kind regards.”

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Someone I work with uses “Have a blessed day” which I find very annoying.

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