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How can you get duct tape off of yourself?

Asked by Quebecisgood (63points) September 29th, 2019

My friends dared me to do something involving duct tape and I did it, stupidly. Is there any way to take it off without it hurting like blazes?

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Several different types of oil can help with that. It’s still going to hurt, but not as badly. I’m not going to ask what you did because I don’t judge people. :)

I wish you luck.

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You rip it off, in one quick movement.

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Spray it down with WD-40, let it soak for a couple of minutes, then remove and good luck!

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Dance, no seriously.
Vigorous, prolonged dancing will make you sweat & the salt will eventually dissolve the binding agent.
Will only work if you stick with it though…giggity ; -}

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Goo-Be-Gone works wonders on releasing the sticky stuff. The soaking in a hot tub of water isn’t a bad idea either

Another suggestion – when friends feel the need to dare you to do something, don’t worry about being called a chicken because the aftermath is usually worse than being called a chicken. I would think being called a chicken would be much better than wiggling out of duct tape that’s going to take every hair with it

Oh yes, good luck

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Rubbing alcohol will help remove the residue. Save a piece of tape for your friend’s mouths.:)

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I thought about Goo Be Gone but I was afraid his skin could have an unpleasant reaction.

Well? Did you get it off?

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Yes, I did. Thanks :)

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Well how? I have grandsons up and coming so I need to know what to do!

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Well, I wouldn’t want to give you ideas, but I’ll say it anyway. I just slowly pulled it off, leaving a pretty good red spot.

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Did you try oils or soaking?

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Nah, I just went for it and got it off.

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When I remove tape of any kind from cardboard, I find that a carefully and intermittently applied blow dryer allows the tape to be peeled back.

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