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I have some old Star Trek Voyager tapes I'm not sure what to do with.

Asked by Zyx (4142points) January 17th, 2013

It’s probably about 80% of the show left and it’s not in very good condition. I’d just like to confirm they’re useless before I throw them out… It’s a shame though, watched all of those tapes a lot.

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Do you want my address? Because if that’s your goal this is a cheap ploy to get it.

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Not shipping these overseas :D
Unless you’re implying that wouldn’t be necessary.
EDIT: I’m Dutch :)

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Pick me pick me!

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Seriously, just stick them on Craigslist or whatever your country’s equivalent is. “Gimme $20 for all this” or whatever. Someone will buy and love them.

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Or Ebay it – and let the highest bidder win… or pick me pick me.

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Alright, not used to selling things online. Would they come pick them up at my convenience?

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Absolutely. You make the rules. Craigslist is awesome, because it just pairs people who have stuff with people who want the stuff, and lets them take it from there.

For sale: Old, well-loved ST:VOY VHS tapes. EUR50 or best offer. Must be able to pick up between 17:00 and 20:00.

Then sit back and wait for the emails/phone calls.

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^ Is correct.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s the first thing I thought when I read this, send them to ME!!! :)

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They have value, I am still trying to complete my physical-copy ST collection. I’d pay up to €5 per VHS assuming they are proper copies and not just recorded from TV, with boxes being a bonus.

Craigslist is good, so is ebay, and you could always probably find a market stall VHS dealer who will take them off your hands.

If you have the final 2 episodes, in a decent boxed condition, I could maybe even put in a bid myself.

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Craigslist is great… till you get burned by one of their scammers, who are rife on that site and whom I’ve learned to spot instantly. Be very cautious. You may not be able to do this, but I sell my stuff only locally and insist on cash. I’ve never had a bad experience with C’slist doing it that way.

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^ Yeah. Don’t take a check or money order. Cash only. Now.

Ebay – only PayPal. And make them pay for shipping insurance.

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Did you record them yourself?
Anyway, you should just throw them away. You can get all the episodes on thepiratebay nowadays.

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Assuming you taped these yourself – I am pretty sure E-Bay does not allow pirated material on their site. I’m not sure about Craigslist. Look up your local Star Trek Club and donate them, or contact on of the Jellies above who has expressed an interest.

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Whatever you do, don’t actually throw them into the garbage. As this article explains, “VCR tapes contain materials that are not biodegradable and are hazardous to human health and the environment if not disposed of properly.”

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So – mail them to me?

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Lol, just to clarify: they are not pirated but the episode descriptions on the boxes are Dutch. I’m still planning to put them online but I’d have to sort out which tapes and boxes I have exactly. I’m lazy.

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Just throwing it out there, I’d pay for international shipping.

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I think they have dutch subs too….

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