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How to handle a "door-slammer" (in an apartment building)

Asked by rebbel (29472points) 2 weeks ago

Every now and then, in our apartment building (9 floors, 6 apartments per), there is someone that slams his interior doors shut, loudly (for days, sometimes weeks, on end).
It can be heard in several flats, on several floors (I have investigated).
Nobody knows who the culprit is, and it is impossible (so far) to pinpoint the source (it’s a concrete building, and apparently sound travels in very unorthodox ways through that material).
The housing company can’t do much (more than posting “how to live nice together with your neighbors” flyers); in order to get them involved we first need to know who is it, plus we need to try to resolve the issue our selves first (with the ‘slammer’).
How can we handle this, what would be a next step, what would you do/suggest?

Thanks in advance.

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Send a note out to every tenant in the building or take up the trumpet to accompany the culprit.

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I’m not a violent person, indeed, I loathe confrontation, just not me but this bugger needs sorting.
Not sure how i’d go about it, maybe hire a bunch of clowns armed with honky horns & get them to parp the shit out of them while hiding in the dark.

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I suggest these. Blocks out the world completely.

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@josie-Then download recordings of doors slamming more quietly. XD

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Most of the times I just ignore them, I don’t want to get into a fight.

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Change the name of your WiFi network to “stop slamming your door—thanks”

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Get some felt, and gorilla glue.
Post a notice that you are willing to muffle their doors and nobody has to know.
A strip about five inches long above and below the latch assembly should do the trick.
It could be more than one person. For some people it is unavoidable. I don’t know why.

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We had a door slammer and discovered that someone always left the hallway windows opened and or the laundry room windows opened so that when someone came home and closed there door it slammed.
I stayed up one night to see who it was and it was a few residents coming home late and didn’t realize the sound ( or didn’t affect them?)
Later I always closed both ends of the hallway windows plus both windows in the laundry room..worked for my floor.
Another option is to mention it to the janitor or building manager to fix every ones door.

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Can you make a flyer and post it in the lobby and in common areas, like the laundry room?

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Thank you, everybody.
Your input is much appreciated.
I’m thinking going the “note/flyer” route.
I might do a follow up question on it.

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