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How to make an effective content for seo?

Asked by iamsayyedahmed (11points) October 2nd, 2019

I’m a fresher content-editor in a SEO-Company, please answer me so that I might grow in the office genuinely.

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The research will be the key. Try to be more creative as possible. Make sure that it will capture an attention and create an action afterward. Add keywords that will help in identifying your website.

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Here are the problems:

1) SEO is inherently dishonest. It is assigning terms and attention falsely, because it tries to attribute terms to some subject that doesn’t deserve it.

2) If the web site’s subject matter is compelling enough, SEO is not necessary. Websites that cannot stand on their own feet – they require SEO.

So you’re going to have problems. SEO is building a fake structure over a poor website. That’s not a recipe for success.

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I think SEO is appropriate to the point that it enables you to present yourself accurately.

@iamsayyedahmed if you work at an SEO Company, aren’t there people there who can train you with what you need to know?

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