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Are there any runners out there that have suffered from a long term illness that prevented them from running?

Asked by cak (15858points) August 28th, 2008

I’m being hopeful, today – trying to think ahead. I am still being treated for cancer and I was told to stop running when I started having major complications. After talking to a doctor today, he’s not ruling out my return to running; however, warned that it takes a while to work back into running. Has anyone else had to work their way back into running? Any good tips or things (really restricted on activities, right now) I should be doing to prepare?

I don’t have the green light, yet; however, I’m holding out hope for the yes, before January!

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I had a childhood illness that weakened my body considerably, and I’ve had to work my way back to everything, starting with the endurance to make it through a whole day of middle school without taking a nap. It’s been a long road, but I’ve actually managed to get back into running. I’m not a world class athlete or anything just yet. I’ll be honest—my best mile time is 10:00 minutes on the dot.

There’s nothing you can do to really prepare your body for running. If you’re allowed to walk, or do any kind of aerobic exercise that would help. Definitely eat healthy, but I’m sure you already know both of those.

I read this blog on, and I’ve read several discussions about this type of issue. The author has also written a number of books that might be helpful.

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@La chica gomela – thank you for those thinks and the advice- I appreciate both, very much! :)

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Try walking for awhile and see how you feel. Easy does it, is my advice. (I have also had chemo and radiation. It does take a lot out of you.) Just to get outside with your family, stroll around a park or pretty place is a good first step.

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Thanks! I have a problem with patience. I still have about 30 days left in the hospital, but I wanted to start getting my mind on other things – cancer is a boring subject!

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During my past recent hospital stays, I did laps around the floor, using my walker and wearing out the paper slippers. One moderately encouraging thing was to see people who looked in worse shape than I. (And since there were no windows, I kept getting lost.)

Are you allowed out of your room? I was able to walk even when schlepping an IV.


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Not quite yet. I should be out of isolation, soon, but I get to start chemo, again!

I’ll follow your lead, as soon as they cut me come slack! Thanks!!

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I had knee surgery that took me out for six months (ACL repair).

By the time I was walking around freely, I was involved in other things, and it was about 7 years before I got back.

I’m still not running marathons as fast as I used to, but I am doing them again.

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