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So, libraries...what the shush is all that about?

Asked by ucme (47423points) 1 week ago

I want to eat at a restaurant in relative peace & quiet.
I would like to sit & watch a movie at the cinema in silence.
However, reading a bloody book, or even just browsing the shelves…c’mon.
I read out loud anyway!

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Our new library isn’t like that as it is a Community center full of a variety of groups that convene there.
There are areas set apart as a quiet zone for readers though upstairs on the second floor.

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@Inspired_2write Yeah, with the decline of print media, libraries are becoming community centers in addition to still being repositories for books. New libraries have meeting spaces for various groups as well as providing computers and other digital media.

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Where I live libraries are still quiet places, but we also have meeting rooms as said above. Classes are taught, groups meet up. It’s very nice in my opinion. Some places in America libraries are closing down, but where I live we have a lot of libraries fairly close together.

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Many people benefit from quiet when reading and studying. How can you not be aware of that?

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^ Sshh…

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