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Do you think intelligence is the manipulation of knowledge, when the consciousness is knowing ourselves?

Asked by luigirovatti (2321points) October 9th, 2019

Even the simplest creature is somewhat conscious, and many creatures with lesser intelligence are far more conscious than man. But only those with sufficiently complex and flexible brain structures are also intelligent.

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I think that it is the understanding of knowledge gained that the consciousness has learned to interpret the insights gained and use it for oneself to live .
Learning assists the conscience in understanding life.

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This is a small semantic point. I disagree with the word “manipulation”. I would say that “application” is more accurate.

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I agree I had problems with that word manipulation, since intelligence doesn’t discern whats learned, it just learns and stores it.

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@luigirovatti “Do you think intelligence is the manipulation of knowledge”

No. Intelligence is a capacity for gaining and applying knowledge, not the actual usage itself.

“when the consciousness is knowing ourselves”

This phrase appears to be nonsensical.

“Even the simplest creature is somewhat conscious”

What makes you think this? I don’t know of any scientific or philosophical way to back this assertion up. Consciousness, after all, is not merely the ability to react to an environment. It is a first-personal experiential phenomenon that requires higher cognitive abilities.

“and many creatures with lesser intelligence are far more conscious than man”

This again requires more than a mere assertion. Consciousness, for the most part, is on/off. You either are a conscious being or you are not. And while there are certainly degrees of alertness and introspection that conscious beings may experience at any given time, it doesn’t really make sense to say that some species are more or less conscious than others.

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Intelligence is knowing of the reality of things, including one’s fate. Knowledge, as well as consciousness, can be misleading and therefore not intelligent.

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You’re confusing the terminology of what a “mind” is when relating between animals and humans.
An animal, when awake, is conscious. But it doesn’t think like a man does, it can only react to stimuli and instinct. It has no concept, no reasoning thinking that would enable it to think of itself as “I.” It is of only one “mind,” the subconscious. It is intelligence, but not thinking, reasoning intelligence. They don’t talk to themselves in their heads, and are unable to.
A man is, literally, of two minds: The conscious, thinking, reasoning, aware of itself, “I,” and the reactionary, instinctual subconscious mind. This separation of minds is what sets man apart from animals. We talk to ourselves in our heads.
Others may not agree with me on this but I have considered this subject and read about this subject for 50 years, and this is my conclusion on the subject. Consider it yourself, if you like.

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