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Women: Do you paint your toe/finger nails?

Asked by tinyfaery (42939points) August 28th, 2008

Why? It seems so time consuming and the polish never lasts. I’m especially interested in the painting of toe nails. Is it just so when you show your feet they look “pretty”? I don’t use nail polish at all. I’m in flip-flops as we speak. Do my toe nails look gross “naked”. Note: my toe nails are nicely trimmed, and my soles are smooth and supple.

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Nope, I don’t.

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I like my toenails painted…..I only bother in the summer, when I am barefoot or in sandals alot. Personal preference, I guess.
also, my toenail polish lasts well over a month….5 or 6 weeks. I only take it off b/c my nails look gross b/c they are getting long and there is the unpainted part growing in….the trick is to wipe your nails down w/ rubbing alcohol before polishing to remove oils, lotions etc. which make it difficult for the polish to adhere…
I don’t bother w/ fingernails.

If I saw your toes I wouldn’t think they look gross naked. I would just presume it was your personal preference and/or you didn’t want to spend the time or money to paint them….

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I tend to see unpainted toenails as masculine. I don’t mean to, and when examined analytically it doesn’t make any sense, I know, but I can’t help it. I don’t judge people on how their toenails look, but I do keep mine painted most of the time.

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I have my toes painted but only because it’s included in the service of a pedicure, which I get because I can’t get all that crap skin off my feet alone.

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I can’t make my toes look pretty by myself, belive me I’ve tried. I just recently got nails and it’s unbelievable how many more men seem to hit on me – I have kind of a severe and independent look, so many it makes me seem more feminine?

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I don’t mind unpainted nails but prefer polished. It makes me feel feminine and pretty. Plus, there’s nothing better than a relaxing manicure and pedicure!

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I am too cheap to pay for a pedicure :) Plus the whole cleanliness issues freak me out….

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I like to keep my toes painted. Like Snoopy, mine lasts a long time. The reason I do it? I HATE my feet and toes. They’re pretty masculine-looking [I have my dad’s feet genes…]. So I paint my toenails to make them look pretty…my feet just look awful without nail polish. I keep up with it the most in the sandal months, but I paint them in the fall and winter, too.

As for my fingernails, I don’t have them painted most of the time, but I do from time to time, usually for a special occasion, or sometimes just because I feel like it.

Plus, manicures and pedicures are great!

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I have my nails painted feet and hands 24/7. Womans feet deff look better colored I think. They look more attractive. Instead of painting your nails every week or two go get your hands and feet done at the salon. It lasts upto 2 months normally

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Why is this a women only question? just kidding

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I guess I use my foot tattoo for decoration. I’d rather save money for a new tattoo than to have a mani/pedi every few weeks.

Tip for smooth feet: soak for 10 minutes in warm water; scrub feet with a hard emery foot file; use Philosophy foot lotion. Do this at least once a week.

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speaking of foot tattoos, I need to get my left foot done.

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I do not wear polish on my fingernails or toenails. Whenever I put it on myself or get a mani/pedi, I find myself peeling the polish off within a day. I always make a game of it and try to get it all off in one piece. It is a waste of time and money, unless you count the value of amusing myself during a boring lecture. I might paint them for a special occasion, but not on the regular.

@Tiny, are you talking about “Sole Owner” by Philosophy? I think I have some of that somewhere. How often do you do it to keep your feet smooth?

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Yup supermouse. I put it on after every shower.

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Like flyaway, I got my feet from my Dad, too. I wear polish to make them less masculine. Putting some shine on them also helps disguise the nails that are a bit crooked from frequently being stomped on during scuffles at work. (It covers up the bruised nails, too).

Work regulations only allows clear polish on fingernails. I wear the clear to strengthen my nails.

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No i don’t paint any of the nails. Frankly, I am just too lazy and not interested enough to “waste” my time on it. My nails are always clean and trimmed but that’s about it. And I haven’t had any problem with guys on this issue…

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as was mentioned earlier, I have my dads feet so they gross me out if they’re not polished. and with fingernals, yes I usually put some sort of versatile color such as white.. and a clear coat on top, it it stays on for quite a while. i’m not obsessive about it or anything, of course.. but i just think it gives some personality..

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My toe nails are painted pretty much all of the time. My daughter and I do our nails together. I only paint my finger nails if I’m doing something special. I do wear clear OPI Nail Envy on my finger nails all the time though because I have very brittle nails from a vitamin deficiency.

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but my toes are painted black…

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I paint nails and toes for special occasions, and occasionally when I just feel like doing something unnecessary for a while. Oops! can’t wash the dishes; I just did my nails.

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Toes, yes, but only cause I love flip-flops and my toes look nasty naked. Fingers, no—I can’t really pinpoint it, but even when I was younger and into the bar scene, I always had my nails painted. BUT, when I came home—even if it was 5 am—I showered and took all polish off. Strange quirk I had.

My 18 year old daughter wears black pollish on her fingers and it’s quite the trend for her and her friends to just let it wear away (half on…peeling off). Her toes are always painted tho.

People are so freaking wierd.

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“Depending how the wind blows, I might even paint my toes.”—India.Arie, “Video”

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I don’t usually paint my nails, but if I do, I paint my toenails. Fingernail polish is too distracting for my.

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I usually paint my toenails something dark (black, dark blue, june-bug green), but that’s because I think they look odd without paint. (They’ve been painted so much that they look weird without polish!)

However, I have tiny (tiny—less than half a cm!) toenails, so the polish on my four smaller toes rarely stays on for long. Also, it tends to peel up at the bed of my toenails.

I don’t normally paint my fingernails because if I’m bored or nervous, I’ll pick at/peel off my nail polish. It looks tacky that way.

I don’t notice it much when a girl doesn’t have her toenails painted. I will, however, notice it when you have them painted an awesome colour! (A friend in highschool used to paint hers copper, which looked amazing.)

Re: pedicures, I’ve never gotten one, and my feet don’t look awful, so I must be doing something right.

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