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Why did Elizabeth Warren assume it's a man who said that", and why "assuming he can find one"? See Detail.

Asked by flo (12480points) 4 days ago

Why did Elizabeth Warren assume it’s a man who said that, in the following clip?
The interviewer asked “A voter approaches you…”

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In the video of the interchange it was a man who asked the question.

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Warren, is a badass. She gave a honest, heartfelt response. She didn’t sugar coat it.

It probably was a man, who asked her about it. Not just the man asking her the question.

To me. This points out her understanding of the human race. In other words, it’s showing her intelligence.

She showed that she isn’t afraid of stating her opinion. She isn’t telling people, what they want to hear. I love it…..

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How about the ”...assuming he can find one”? part?

@janbb The interviewer who happens to be a man could have been a woman. And he asked “if a voter asked you..”

@MrGrimm888 Some people might say calling it “Peanut Butter” is honest and heartfelt and it’s not sugar coated and it’s baddass. and it’s stating one’s own opinion, understanding of the human race, ...(I’m quoting the descriptors from your post) instead of calling it Mashed Peanut, or Peanut Spread.

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@ragingloli I’m still looking at the link.

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@MrGrimm888 Why do you think she isn’t telling people what they want to hear since according to democrats it’s most people who are pro abortion , or whatever you want to call it? Isn’t she telling people what they want to hear?

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@ragingloli, @MrGrimm888 No one can be pro assuming anything. What if the interviewer asked her a follow up question,“What if it were a woman voter?”
By the way it can be seen as hostile, man hater statement/s.

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Not talking about the interviewer; talking about the man who asked the question. No need to argue with you though; you react how you want and I’ll react how I did. I thought she was great.

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The question was about marriage policy not abortion policy.

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@flo. You make a valid point. I like Warren though. She didn’t beat around the bush. She answered quickly, and with honesty. That’s the type of candidate I like. Don’t tell me what I want to hear. Tell me who you are. I would love to see her debate Trump. I think she’d fuck him up…

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@dabbler You,re right but it applies whatever policy is. A democrat candidate is saying what people want her/him to say if it’s is expected, as in pro abortion pro gay marriage, etc.
@MrGrimm888 She said what people (on her side, want to hear. And replace ”I assume it’s/would be a _man_who would say that”? to a senior citizen who would say that or a woman or Asians or…etc.. By the way, I made a valid point about what, since you’re saying the same thing as before?

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