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Why do slide outs on campers and RVs ride on carpet?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40900points) 1 month ago

If we get the 5th wheel we’d like to replace the butt ugly blue carpet that the slide out slides on with faux wood. However, I have a hunch there is actually a reason they ride on carpet. I don’t know what it is. Rick thinks it may seal. I think it just protects the floor.
I’m having a hard time finding out what the answer is. I asked a camper group, they don’t know. I googled, got mixed answers.
So I came home, to you guys, who know EVERYTHING.

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Cost savings?

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How is it cost savings? You mean in the production process? I think I should start with finding out exactly how they work. I think it has to do with protecting the floor. If it’s on wheels, it can wear a groove in the floor, I think.

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Finally got ahold of a service tech at an RV dealership. He said it can ride on anything. You just have to make sure it’s the right height.
How nice!

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Rick’s been looking at Youtube video’s of how slide outs work. The master is on it. Bye bye carpet!

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Friction and noise?

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Apparently there is no reason. Noise, maybe. But it’s only for a few seconds.

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I don’t know, and you didn’t say as opposed to what, but my hunch is it would reduce movement during driving, which would mean less wear and less noise.

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Actually, there is no reason. The couch, or chairs (as the case may be) just sit on the floor of the slide out. The slide out itself runs on tracks beneath the floor.
I would much, much rather have linoleum rather than carpet. Camping, by it’s very nature, is messy and dirty. Linoleum is much easier to clean.

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I hate slide out kitchens with carpet under the sink, stove or fridge. Carpet in the kitchen was never a good idea, even when it was fashionable. It’s not going to be any better in a camper!

Hubs is all about getting a bigger camper with a slide out. I’ll make him read this question.

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I am 90% sure there is no need for carpet under slide outs except to minimize movement during travel and when we move the slides in or out. If it’s needed it’s an easy fix.
I’ve never seen a camper with carpet in the kitchen.

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@Dutchess_lll if the kitchen is a slide out, they use a strip of carpet as part the slide, just like you described.

Do you suppose carper could act as insulation between the slide floor and the floor of the camper? Isn’t there going to be heat or cooling lost through that gap?

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