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What's your recent dumb purchase?

Asked by Castle (547points) 3 weeks ago

Have you aimlessly spent money on something and immediately regretted it? Any late night infomercial buys?

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No. I’m pretty careful about spending money. I can count on one hand the number of times I made a dumb purchase in my whole life.

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Those couple of slaves that I got to work the back 40 acres. Lazy.

Seriously, no stupid purchases recently.

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Maybe not recent then. Neither of you can mention one?

Dutchess_III's avatar

Gosh. I can’t think of anything….I’ll work on it though @Castle.
My husband is far more likely to impulse buy and then have buyer’s remorse.

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I bought a tin of tartan paint just yesterday & now i’m very confused.

Dutchess_III's avatar was Zoey’s birthday. I got her a big box of stuff to make goo with. I had no idea that my son LOATHES the stuff, so now I feel bad. I told him we can just put it in the camper and they can only use it outside.

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Not TOOO terribly long ago, I went to a bookstore called ‘Books A Million’.

I purchased some kind of a membership / card that was supposed to give you discounts on future purchases. I assumed it was like my relatively inexpensive Barns and Nobel membership—except, when ready to pay, the fee was like $28. Maybe it awarded a 10% discount on future purchases, but I’d have to spend for books like I was in college in order for it to break even with the expense.

BTW it was only for a year, and I seriously doubt I’ll ever even go back,

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I bought a laptop sleeve that was about 50% bigger than the laptop. Was too excited about the print and forgot to check the measurements.

Plus it was 4am in the morning.
Insomnia + online shopping = lots of dumb purchases

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I bought a flat of instant ramen. Dropped off in food bank the next day. I only eat the Sapporo Ichyban cup of noodles. Was on sale.

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@raum- Tell your cat it’s a sleeping bag along with,“Happy Birthday!”

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It probably could fit a cat! I’m legitimately considering adding some straps to it and calling it a purse.

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@RedDeerGuy That was nice of you. :)

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OH! Got it. I am replacing our physical DVD library with electronic downloads from Amazon Prime.
Well, I bought “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.” Memories of my childhood and an attention span I no longer have. Fail.
Also “My Friend Jeffrey Dahlmer.” Bleh.
But I’m kinda stuck. It’s not like DVDs that I can sell on Facebook for a few bucks, but they’re just cluttering up my play list. It’s hard to just delete them.

stanleybmanly's avatar

Had a half gallon of maple syrup shipped to the grandson at Cornell. I don’t really regret it. For some reason I formerly believed the good stuff only came from Vermont, but have since discovered that great maple syrup comes from anywhere with sugar maples and sharp Winters. Wisconsin for example. The kid’s jug was from the Adirondacks, just around the corner from him.

Dutchess_lll's avatar

Addie sent me some maple syrup from New York. Not the city. We were blessed to know him.

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My cardiologist sold me a Kardia to monitor my heart. Waste of money!

Dutchess_lll's avatar

Did you ask him for a monitor?

JLeslie's avatar

I told her my heart was feeling like a flutter (it’s a sign of a-fib) when I’m calm or resting.

If I move it corrects, so by the time I reach for the Kardia the unusual heart beat (if it is actually occurring) corrects itself.

My other already known arrhythmias also occur when I’m at rest. I should have know the Kardia would be useless. I need a real monitor that stays on all night and that I can back record when I feel the problem.

Dutchess_lll's avatar

Well now go ask them for a real monitor.

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@lucillelucillelucille A cat purse?! Not sure if that’s crazy or genius. Perhaps both.

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Some cat toys. She doesn’t care :p

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@Dutchess_III It’s not happening now. I lowered my thyroid meds and it stopped.

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I can’t think of any dumb purchases. I don’t impulse buy. In fact, I overthink it. Maybe that is why I don’t like shopping.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

I can’t think of one either. I guess I bought one too many fire sticks when they were on sale. I still have one unused in the box. It will eventually get used if the price on the recast system gets low enough for me to bite.

I get most things 2nd hand so cheap that if it does not work out I usually turn around and donate the items.

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I spent all my money on food and clothing, instead of at the strip club, once. That was pretty dumb.

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Lmfao I call that Unconscious Shopping! It was a small bottle of prank spray called Liquid A$$ it was horrendously sickening! Yes I got a few people at work, they earned it lol

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@Lucillelucillelucille You got it! Lol

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@PaisleyFaye – My sister’s getting an early B-day present. XD

PaisleyFaye's avatar

@Lucillelucillelucille What have I done?!! Do it outside, lol and may God have Mercy on your Souls!

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@PaisleyFaye – Maybe I will just send it to her. XD

PaisleyFaye's avatar

@Lucillelucillelucille is she a prankster?

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@PaisleyFaye -She definitely can dish it out!
I might have to change the label to make it more effective!
I do want to live so I might have to rethink this.

PaisleyFaye's avatar

@Lucillelucillelucille your a smart cookie, do as you feel, with caution tho

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