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When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30729points) 3 weeks ago

How’d it turn out?

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There’s this meme going around to see how millennial you are by how many of these items you’ve had. Apparently I am a big sucker for trying new food.

- avocado toast
charcoal water
– rainbow bagel
unicorn frap
black ice cream
– cloud eggs
pumpkin spice latte
matcha anything
La Croix
tumeric latte
açaí bowls
overnight oats
ramen burger
– mermaid toast
sushi burrito
rolled ice cream
oat milk
bone broth
impossible burger
almond butter
green juice
cauliflower rice
– bulletproof coffee
waffle sandwich

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@raum -Will you eat any of these things again?
The cloud eggs disturb me. Lol

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Just had ginger tea.
Very spicy/peppery.
Supposedly it’s anti-inflammatory.

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@rebbel – That sounds good to me.

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I tried answering a question here without being an immature prick, I came out in a rash & have since reverted to type.

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Kale. Yesterday I had Kale. And I actually liked it.

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I have had oat milk and the impossible burger. I haven’t even heard of most of the rest of those.

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A few days ago tried toasted Sun flour bread with mashed avocado and lots of alfalfa topping.
Next time will cut back on the alfalfa.
Tried Arugula lettuce for a salad and loved it.

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I’d like to try:
– cloud eggs
– bulletproof coffee

I would order these again:
– avocado toast (would make at home, but not order in a restaurant because it’s way too overpriced)
– black ice cream
– pumpkin spice latte
– kombucha
– poke
– La Croix
– rolled ice cream
– bone broth
– green juice
– boba

Most of the stuff I’d have again if someone offered it to me. :)

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@anniereborn The meme was about millennials. But I honestly think it has to do more with where you live. In the Bay Area, there seems to be a new food trend every week.

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I can’t clean the inside of the front and back windows in my new car. They are very tall and go way down where I can’t reach. I bought a window cleaner on a pole, which I’ve never tried using before. I felt like Lucy trying to use that thing….awkward x 10. I’m not sure what I’ll do long term, but for now it’ll be full-service paid washes.

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@raum- Boba would be the one I’d go for.

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I’ve recently tried Lavender Lemonade, which was amazing!! And a maple dounut which had bacon on it… I took one bite and found out that it wasn’t for me… @raum I’d probably be open to most the things you have there on your list, I like trying new things too!!

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@PaisleyFaye -Lavender lemonade sounds good . I have tried to grow lavender in the past & have not succeeded. My friend recently gave me a cutting so wish me luck ::)

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@Lucillelucillelucille You don’t need luck, you got this!!! I think you will love it! In fact, I enjoy it more than regular lemonade. Here’s a tip. You can cut lavender buds off and drop one in each square in an ice tray, so when you drop the whole tray of cubes in the buds will make it into a lovely refreshing beverage.

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