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How can some people work on the dead and not be queasy about it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26663points) October 26th, 2019

What special qualities do these humans have that working as embalmers, morticians and forensic pathologists seem to come easy to them? Can you see yourself doing any of these jobs?

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I could see myself being a funeral director, or maybe a cosmetologist for the dead. I wouldn’t mind being around the dead, but I don’t want to be gettin in there with the blood and guts part.

I find it to be a way to pay respects for the passing of a life. Also, I think I would be good at dealing with people who are in shock/grief/crying…all that. Because I have experienced it all myself.

Watching the series “Six Feet Under” is a really good taste of what they do.

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The same reason people can work as butchers.
You just get used to it.
In the end, they are all just slabs of dead meat.

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hahah, no two answers could be more opposite.

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Forensic pathology is very interesting.
I have seen interviews with some of these people where they show a lot of empathy for victims of murder.
Idk why but I figured they’d be able to separate themselves emotionally somehow to get through their job.They must be able to.

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